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Your databases, your servers, your apps, your metrics. The full devops stack.

Service Highlights

24x7x365 Monitoring, Emergency Response & Support
Frontline team, Account Manager, and Team of DBA's
Flexible Agreements, 5 min SLA, Fixed Cost & Blocks of Hours

We provide 24x7 monitoring and response to correct performance, availability, change requests, data migration and incident for your databases. You get the expertise, availability and best practices from a team of DBA's backed by proven infrastructure support service. Using certified experts, systems and processes, we proactively manage your database environments on an ongoing basis to help you operate efficiently, predictability & securely with less overhead.

We manage, maintain & optimize your critical Oracle systems. Our DBAs have high expertise with Oracle database technology, RAC, Exadata, ODA, Goldengate and Oracle Middleware, data migrations and patching strategies. This includes Oracle Cloud

We have years of experience in all aspects of SQL-Server databases. We have extensive knowledge of backup & recovery, restore, performance tuning high availability solutions and AAG, replication and log shipping, patching and data migrations.

Expert administration support for MySQL, Percona Server, and MariaDB with various clustered solutions. We follow industry best practices with performance and backup & recovery; scaling, high availability (HA) design to meet application requirements.

We provide architecture and design advice, project assistance, clustering, database tuning and performance optimization for your MongoDB environment. BraveSoft will provision machines, configure replica sets and sharded clusters, and upgrade your MongoDB deployment

Free yourself from the complexity of infrastructure and database management of PostgreSQL options with the benefits of a fully managed service. Patching, performance investigation and tuning, backup and recovery and slave setup will allow your Postgres to meet business goals.

We allow firms to focus on the data analysis aspects of Big Data without the necessity of managing a Hadoop environment. Hadoop deployment involves configuring, deploying and managing a Hadoop cluster. This include backup/recovery, automated upgrades, data security tools and technical support,  among others. 

Solve your complex database challenges at scale with managed databases on the cloud. We businesses of all sizes initiate, optimize and manage databases on their chosen infrastructure: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft® Azure® and Single-tenant hosting for the highest levels of performance and uptime.

Microsoft offers cloud-based database on Azure which has become a popular cloud platform for BraveSoft clients.  Through our DBAs and comprehensively monitoring solution we can manage thousands of VMs, PaaS workloads, applications and manage databases deployed on Azure. We also monitor cost & resources to track cloud costs.

Amazon offers a broad suite of cloud DBMS services. BraveSoft provides Amazon RDS support and management services including provisioning, implementation, migration and ongoing administration and monitoring support.

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BraveSoft works with select partners who are security market leaders and innovators, allowing you to take advantage of security best practices enhanced with the collective expertise

Multi-Factor Authentication

DUO: The next generation of two-factor authentication. Smarter security starts with a robust platform capable of providing secure access to any user, to any application, on any device over any network.

  • Solution protects any user accessing any application from any device
  • 100% Cloud-based two-factor authentication eliminates platform support concerns.
  • Provides the opportunity to consolidate Cloud, web, and on-premise two-factor authentication with one solution.
  • Easy to deploy, use, and manage
  • Faster deployment (think hours, not days or weeks).
  • Consistent, easy-to-use across all platforms.
  • Simplifies management with increased, consistent visibility and standard reports across your entire environment
  • Proven Technology
  • Duo two-factor authentication is used by an impressive mix of companies cross-industry to include Facebook, NASA, and Duke University.
  • See more customer success stories at DUO Security Success Stories.

Encryption and Key Management

Vormetric: Leverage Vormetric solutions to secure data and manage encryption controls.

  • Take control of data security.
  • Data encryption renders data useless without the matching encryption keys. This alleviates many of the concerns about data in the Cloud.
  • Customer retains full control over keys and encryption mechanisms.
  • Address sensitive data and compliance mandates.
  • Tailor the controls, visibility, and auditability needed to comply with internal policies and regulatory mandates.
  • Legal subpoena exposure is limited. If a subpoena is issued to Rackspace to surrender digital assets, you still retain control of the encryption process.
  • Simplify the encryption process with Vormetric.
  • Encrypts all forms of data consistently (Structured, Unstructured, and Big Data) across multiple platforms.
  • Provides centralized, highly efficient policy and key administration.
  • Can be Implemented without having to make changes to an organization’s applications, infrastructure, or business practices.


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